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Client Testimonials

Pilkington PLC
Carl Tierney
Design Engineer
Pilkington PLC

We used Amciss to re-design, install and commission a new batch plant SCADA system. The time frame given was extremely tight but yet the project was completed ahead of schedule.

The system controls every aspect of the batch plant from the intake of the raw materials, the weighing and mixing of the materials and delivery of the batch to the furnace front. In addition the system logs every aspect of the operation from the raw material intake to the individual batch details which is all fully controlled through a SQL database which is embedded within the SCADA.

The new system compared to the old system has added security measures which were recommend by Amciss which now make it almost impossible for the operators to load an incorrect batch into the process which would cost the business a few weeks of lost production.

Amciss when installing and commissioning the system worked within the control room along side the operators and within no time at all were seen to be part of the project team

Throughout the project I found Amciss to be very professional and certainly could not fault the commitment given during the project especially through the commissioning phase. I will not hesitate to work with the company again and would definitely recommend them."



Gareth Price
Plant Systems Programmer
Tarmac Ltd

"The Concrete Plant dispatch communication link software developed and installed by AMCISS now a little over 18 months ago has proven to be resilient , error free and reliable. The specification for the link protocol is very specific, also the interface to the Concrete SCADA system had to be specifically tailored. AMCISS fulfilled these requirements with ease. Throughout the project AMCISS provided a rapid, helpful, thorough and polite service emphasising at all times on our specific requirements............... AMCISS - Highly Recommended!!"


Nicholas Alexander

LexZander Limited

"LexZander Limited commissioned Amciss Ltd to design, manage, install and commission a bespoke hardware and software solution to operate a Class 100 manufacturing and packaging suite. Austin McConvile, the managing director of Amciss Ltd., worked closely with our engineering team to produce a flexible solution which offers full process control, a wide range of manufacturing and packaging options and the ability to integrate with higher IT management systems.

The project was delivered efficiently with every target being met on time and budget. Austin’s expertise ensured that a very clever, well designed and engineered solution resulted. The software is very user-friendly and intuitive. The system complies with all the legislative requirements, GMP and health and safety.

LexZander Limited is very pleased with the service provided by Amciss Ltd and would recommend the company highly."


John McDermott
Managing Director
Cuilinn Engineering

"I have used Amciss Ltd many times over the past two years to provide detailed and custom software solutions to a wide range of industrial problems. Amciss Ltd have demonstrated throughout the course of these projects that their knowledge and expertise is second to none. Their availability and backup support is reliable and one to one. They have been sub-contracted by us for BMS, SCADA, machine and process PLC programming and network solutions. None of these applications have been straight forward but AMCISS has always demonstrated a good understanding of the results desired. Their approach is enthusiastic and thorough. I would happily recommend Amciss to any customer or company looking for an expert solution delivered in the most efficient and effective manner available."
Hutchinsono Engineering

Mark Hutchinson
General Manager
Hutchinson Engineering

"I have found amciss limited very helpful to deal with - they have tailored the stock control system to meet our specific needs, something which we found hard to source elsewhere. They have a wide knowledge of IT and programming. The cameras which were recently installed have been very successful; we are now able to monitor equipment remotely. i would happily recommend amciss."
David Carlisle
Operations Manager

Telestack International Ltd.

"We have been using the amciss Job Tracking software for over a year now and have found it to be an excellent production analysis tool. The picture based input software is very user friendly, an important feature since we have many Eastern European staff on our production floor.

From a management perspective Job Tracking provides us with real time tracking of each machine as it progresses through the production line. using the software we can analyse the time taken to complete each job by individual, work area and machine sub-assembly. We can then compare these times with similar previous jobs to track improvements (through bar chart analysis) and highlight inefficiencies in the process.

The built-in customisation element means that we are not restricted to certain product lines. We can add, modify and track as many products as we like, giving us expandability in the future.The support we receive from the staff at amciss is excellent. Any software issues are dealt with promptly and we find them very easy to work with.

For flexibility, ease of use and real time job tracking I would certainly recommend the amciss Job Tracking system"